“Claude Martin has played locally, nationally and internationally with the Martin Family Band for over 20 years. He has recorded three studio albums with the Martin Family, and is currently in production of a solo album. Claude grew up immersed in traditional folk music and began playing the violin at age seven. He attended a week long music and arts workshop (Common Ground On The Hill) where he developed a keen interest in traditional music. He played in the school orchestra as a first chair violin and eventually went on to learn Traditional Irish technique from master fiddler, Phillippe Varlett. Martin studied abroad in Ireland to drink straight from the vine and be amongst traditional Irish music in its purest form. Upon returning to home, he continued to record albums and play with his family band. Claude branched off with his two sisters to record “Ten Thousand Miles” at Patuxent Music in Rockville Md. The album was well received nationally, and now Claude is in the process of recording a Debut Solo Fiddle Album. Claude has been exposed to Old Time music at festivals and jams his entire life, mainly learning tunes by ear and emulation (an old Appalachian style of learning) He now teaches privately and continues to perform with The Martin Family and most recently with Erica Snow to form “Claude and Erica” Claude has recently won first place in Old Time Fiddle and first place in Old Time Band at the Deer Creek Fiddlers Convention.”

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